Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sync with Dive Log (Windows)

You can sync your data with Dive Log(Windows)

1. Change datafile from Desktop to iPhone

Upload your Dive Log(desktop) data file to Dropbox

Select uploading location "Divelog" in Dropbox

Uploaded file name would be your database name

Download your Dive Log(desktop) database file to App

After change database file, you can see all your data on iPhone!

2. Change datafile from iPhone to Desktop(Dive Log)

Upload your iPhone database file to Dropbox server

First, you should make a new database file from Dive Log(desktop), any name OK

Download Scuba Logbook database file from Dropbox

There is sign delete items, you can select YES


This app share database with Dive Log but we use different data in some field.

Scuba Logbook use Horizontal Visibility for GPS text

If you want to fix GPS data, you can change this text

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Use of Personal and Non-Personal Information

Our Use of Personal and Non-Personal Information

We collect two kinds of information about our on-line visitors, personal and non-personal information. Visitors are not required to register to access the public pages of our sites. Non-personal information is collected to track the total number of guests visiting our sites and to guide our efforts to improve our sites. The non-personal information we monitor includes the browser type and operating system being used by our visitors; areas of the sites visited; date and time of access; host or service-provider information, and identification of the referring site. This information is used exclusively for our internal purposes and is not disclosed to any non-affiliated third parties except our producers.

Personal information that can identify a visitor, such as name, address or policy information is collected only when voluntarily offered and solely for purposes that are clearly identified on our sites. Access to pages with content specific to agents, brokers or customers is password-protected and requires pre-registration. Personal information acquired through registration is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties except as may be required by law. We does not seek personal information from children.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Auto profile maker

* Insert Profile Data

- There are two way insert your data

- 1. Auto Insert Profile: One of your friend share their Scuba Logbook on Facebook. You can get data easily.

- 2. Manual Edit / Insert Data

* Sharing a divelog on Facebook

- Tap Logbook (second item of tabbar), you can see Facebook item
- Tap Share your DiveLogBook
- Tap Announce

* Tap friends posting

- After tapping, safari will move to new website

* Copy Profile

- Long press at Profile you can see like this

* Paste string

- Move Logbook - profile - edit button - Auto insert profile
- You can paste data
- Save Button

* Finish!

- Now you can see beautiful graph

* Manual Profile Edit

- Insert your Dive computer data per minute.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Scuba LogBook Manual

App Store Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scuba-logbook/id672972055?mt=8

* Home

- Check your dive state
- Total Dive Time
- Average Dive Time
- Longest Dive
- Max. Depth Dive
- Max. Water Temperature Dive
- Min. Water Temperature Dive
- Chart Months, Chart Year

There is a direct link to see your divelog.

* Logbook List

- Dive number, Day, Month, Year, Site Name
- New button: To make new divelog
- Edit button: Delete item

* LogBook Detail View

- Date, Site name
- Comments
- Logbook
- Additional Logbook
- Profile: Dive graph
- Album: Link from device album.
- Facebook: post your divelog and share it

* Date & Dive Site

- Get GPS site map where you were diving
- Automatic address system: get address information by internet
- Show map where you are
- Save button: save your data

* Comments

- Dive Type: you can check what kind of dive did you do at chart
- Buddy
- Save button: save your data

* Divetype

- Check this diving type, you can check how many times at Chart
- Save button: save your data
- Del button: ( - ) icon will show up left side of list, you can delete to swipe list too
- Add button: you can add item any thing you want
- Change Order: right side of button, you can change order

* LogBook Detail

- Dive Time
- Max. Depth(m, ft)
- Tank: Aluminum, Steel, Carbon
- Size(Liter, cu ft)
- Start Pressure(bar, psi)
- End Pressure(bar, psi)
- Weather
- Water Temp(C, F)
- Weight(Kg, lbs)
- Dive Suit
- Visibility(Good, Average, Bad)
- Water(Salt, Fresh, Blackish)
- O2(%)
- Entry(Shore, Boat)

* Additional

- Waves
- Current
- Surface Interval
- Average Depth(m, ft)
- Equipment: Check how many time use your equipment and times of rental gear
- Marine Life: What did you see under water? Make your own encyclopedia

* Check Equipment

- Which one did you use? Just Check one
- You can check at Chart, what you used



* Equipment

- Manage your equipments
- image
- serial number
- last service date

* Check Marine Life List

- Which one did you see again? Just check

* Check your dive profile(Diving graph)

- Scuba DiveLogBook shows your dive profile visually
- You can get profile data from dive computer

* Insert Profile Data

- There are two way insert your data
- One, Auto Insert Profile
- Two, Manual Edit / Insert

* Auto Profile Insert

Detail Information Link

* Profile Manual Edit/Insert

- Insert your divelog data per minute

* Make your own photo album

- Pinch scare Support
- Over 10 photo available
- Device Album Support

* Share your divelog with your friend on Facebook

- you can post a link of your divelog
- your friend share your profile(copy & paste)
Detail Information Link

* Many Chart support 

- Divetype
- Equipment
- Dive Depth
- Dive Time
- Marine Life

* Pie Chart

* Bar Chart

* Site Map

- You can see all of your dive site

* Marine Life

- Make your own encyclopedia of ocean
- URL: tap (i) will link to safari web browser
- Image button: you can take a picture or select image from album library

* Marine Life List

- Image will show left side

* Order by, Search Name

- Order by: Name, Family Name, LasUpdate
- Search Name: searching by alphabet

* Backup with DropBox

- SQLite database will backed up your dropbox divelog folder
- If there is same name, it will put "(number)" name

* Equipment Button

- You can see last service date

* Dive Type Button

- If you tap list, you can change name

* Unit support

- Meter, Feet, bar, psi, kg, lbs, Celsious, Fahrenheit, Liter, cu ft

* Sync with Windows Desktop program Diving Log - Detail Link