Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Auto profile maker

* Insert Profile Data

- There are two way insert your data

- 1. Auto Insert Profile: One of your friend share their Scuba Logbook on Facebook. You can get data easily.

- 2. Manual Edit / Insert Data

* Sharing a divelog on Facebook

- Tap Logbook (second item of tabbar), you can see Facebook item
- Tap Share your DiveLogBook
- Tap Announce

* Tap friends posting

- After tapping, safari will move to new website

* Copy Profile

- Long press at Profile you can see like this

* Paste string

- Move Logbook - profile - edit button - Auto insert profile
- You can paste data
- Save Button

* Finish!

- Now you can see beautiful graph

* Manual Profile Edit

- Insert your Dive computer data per minute.

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