Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sync with Dive Log (Windows)

You can sync your data with Dive Log(Windows)

1. Change datafile from Desktop to iPhone

Upload your Dive Log(desktop) data file to Dropbox

Select uploading location "Divelog" in Dropbox

Uploaded file name would be your database name

Download your Dive Log(desktop) database file to App

After change database file, you can see all your data on iPhone!

2. Change datafile from iPhone to Desktop(Dive Log)

Upload your iPhone database file to Dropbox server

First, you should make a new database file from Dive Log(desktop), any name OK

Download Scuba Logbook database file from Dropbox

There is sign delete items, you can select YES


This app share database with Dive Log but we use different data in some field.

Scuba Logbook use Horizontal Visibility for GPS text

If you want to fix GPS data, you can change this text

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